Saturday, April 9, 2011

Save Alot Trip 04/09/11

Today, my hubby & I took a little trip to Save Alot.  This is a place we like to go to purchase items we normally do not have coupons to redeem OR to browse around looking for great bargains on non-brand food products.  

As usual, we had a good time & left feeling like we had found some sweet deals.  It just goes to show, that you can have a good time (there is a certain amount of thrill in finding a good bargain), and save money, too!

As much as I love coupons, sometimes it's nice to leave home without them!  Here's what we scored today without one coupon in hand!

We spent a total of $32.48!  Our purchase included:

10 lbs of chicken leg quarters ($0.39/lb)
10 lbs of potatoes ($1.19)
3 bags of Fresh Express Italian lettuce blend ($0.79 on Clearance!  Reg $2.49)
(2) pkgs of hot dogs ($0.99 each)
Bagels 6 ct
(3) pkgs of dried beans (Garbanzo, black, split pea)
(2) Banquet chicken pot pies
(1) pkg of hot dog buns
(1) bag of ripple potato chips
Corn tortillas 24 ct
(6) cans of vegetables (corn, cream corn, and peas)
18ct eggs
Fresh cabbage
Fresh bag of mini carrots
(5) Fresh vine tomatoes
(2) bags of frozen green beans
(1) bag of frozen bell pepper stir fry
(2) small bags of pasta to throw into homemade soup
(1) lg can of Hunt's spaghetti sauce

We were pleased with our purchase!  And, I wanted to share our experience with Save Alot to let you know that sometimes it's okay to leave home without coupons!!  There are still places to shop with great prices and SWEET deals!

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