Sunday, April 10, 2011

All About InboxDollars.....

I have been a member of InboxDollars for approximately 5 years.  It is an easy, painless way to earn a few extra dollars without having to purchase anything.  You can slowly acquire your savings by using their search toolbar, reading emails, viewing videos, and printing and redeeming coupons (the same ones that you print off of  I rarely buy anything.  So, most of my $$$$ is accumulated through the activities listed above.  

This is a great way to accumulate a little savings towards Christmas, birthday gifts, etc.  And, remember, you can do this without ever buying anything.   Just check your emails daily, so that you can take advantage of all the free stuff.

Below, I have "captured" the benefits of being an InboxDollars member.  I encourage you to join!  There's really nothing to lose.  Also, once you have joined, send an invite for membership to your friends and family.  You earn a small percentage off of their earnings, too!  

Best wishes for lots of InboxDollars earnings!



When you sign up for Inbox Dollars, you will receive an instant $5.00 credit. 

This site provides you with daily emails to read.  All that is required is for you to click on them & read them.  Most emails pay $.02.  

If you download their search toolbar & use it daily, you will receive $.01 for each search up to 5 searches per day.  Each week you will receive credit for the searches done the previous week.

Occasionally, they will send surveys to your email.  If you choose to complete them, you will be paid for them.  The amount paid varies per survey depending on the length & time it takes to complete it.  Some surveys pay $1.00.

FOR COUPONERS, this is the best benefit yet!!  The coupons that you normally download from are also available via Inbox Dollars.  ALWAYS download here first until you have exhausted all coupons.  FOR EVERY COUPON YOU REDEEM, YOU WILL RECEIVE $0.10.  I love it!  How easy is that?? If you use as many coupons as I do, it will not take you long to pile up the savings in addition to the savings you receive from the value of the coupon!!

Inbox Dollars now has a new feature....videos for cash.  Visit their home page every day.  Click on Videos For Cash, answer a few questions, and watch a few videos they choose based on the answers to your questions.  The videos are short, quick ads, and you receive anywhere from $0.02 to $0.04 for each one after watching them in their entirety. Two numbers will flash on the screen as you view the video.  You will be asked to type these two numbers in a box at the completion of the video.  

Aside from these benefits, which I find the simplest to complete, you may also choose to shop & play games to acquire more earnings!

Inbox Dollars issues checks by mail everytime you acquire $30.00 in credit.  I have enjoyed many of these checks.  I can attest to the validity of this program.  Once you accumulate $30.00 in your account, request that a check be sent to you via mail.  They promptly prepare & mail the check to you.  You can then cash or deposit the check to your account, and spend it in any way you choose! If you want to avoid the small fee for cashing out at $30.00, wait until you accumulate $40.00.  Anything $40.00 and up will be received in its entirety.

To join Inbox Dollars & to immediately start enjoying all their benefits, please click below:

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