Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Coupons In Specially Marked Boxes

What's more exciting than finding coupons inside of a specially marked package that you have already used a coupon for during a sale??  And, it's for products that you will probably buy when they go on sale?  AND, you have more than a year before they expire????  It's a couponers' paradise!!

So here's a list of the Qs in these specially marked Banquet dinners.  I just purchased this particular dinner a couple of days ago, so there should still be some of these out there on the shelves.

$0.25 Off WYB any ONE(1) Banquet Homestyle Bakes
$0.50 Off WYB any ONE(1) Banquet Boneless Chicken Bag
$0.40 Off WYB any TWO(2) Banquet Fruit Pies
$0.35 Off WYB any ONE(1) Hunt's Ketchup bottle 24 oz. or larger
$0.50 Off WYB any TWO(2) Chef Boyardee Big can varieties
$1.00 Off WYB any TWO(2) Crunch 'n Munch packages
$1.00 Off WYB any TWO(2) ACT II Popcorn packages

Happy Couponing!

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