Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Couponing A Thing Of The Past? Are You Kidding Me??

Looking at all my Internet coupons tonight scattered all over the living room floor, I had to stop and wonder what "they" mean by "one day coupons will be a thing of the past."  Are they serious?  Do they even have a clue? I mean, look at this.....it's just the coupons I have printed off the internet over the past 5 days.  There's more coupons now than ever!  Aside from the manufacturer websites spitting out 100s of thousands of coupons, now they are turning to Facebook, and spitting out more.  Then you have your coupon sites such as Coupons.com & SmartSource (and there's many more) which amazingly reset & add coupons almost on a daily basis.  I never go a day without printing off internet couponsTHEY ARE EVERYWHERE!!!

Notice my little helper!  She sits so proud among the coupons!

You have to wonder what she is thinking?!  She looks as though she is on guard duty, hoping that some of those coupons are for her!  She knows that if her treats are not on sale....and if there's not a coupon in this pile....she goes without.  Poor kitty!  But, as all couponers know, there's always something on sale! And as my kitty knows all too well, there's treats always stocked in the pantry!!

So, after about an hour or 2 of sorting, it finally came down to this nice stack!  Aaahh....so much better.  All ready to be filed away in hopes of many great sales coming up soon!


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