Tuesday, January 1, 2013

CVS - Cosmetic Clearance of 50% to 75% Off..and Other Beauty News

Every year about this time, CVS offers a phenomenal clearance on cosmetics.  Some are 50% off.  And some are 75% off!  That's my kind of deal!!  I usually stock up on cosmetics to last me the year.  This year, I still have some left over from what I purchased last January.  So, I did not really need much other than mascara.  I lucked out and found Almay mascara in my color for 75% off.  I also picked up an Almay foundation and a Revlon blush.  Both were also 75% off.  I should be supplied enough for the year, unless, of course, a hot deal where makeup is almost FREE or it is FREE comes up during the year.  I had $7.00 in ECBS, so I used it towards my purchase. 

For (3) Almay mascara, (1) Almay foundation, and (1) Revlon blush, my total (without tax) was $6.23.  That's approximately $1.25 per item of good quality makeup!  And, I am good for the year!  With sales, I saved a total of $46.72!  That's an 88% SAVINGS!!!

When you visit your CVS, look through all the makeup aisles.  The 50% off stickers are yellow and the 75% off stickers are red.  They are mixed in with the regular priced makeup, so you have to look carefully.  Most stores are stocked well the first few days of the year.  

Remember, too, that whatever you purchase, the total (after sales & coupons) is added to your Beauty Club spending.  For every $50 worth of makeup you buy (it is accumulative), you receive $5 in ECBs.

Also, if you are lucky enough to hit the store at the right time, pick up the latest copy of Reinventing Beauty.  It usually has a tear-away sheet of coupons as well as some found throughout the magazine. There are some manufacturer coupons and some CVS coupons.  The magazine is published every quarter, which means one is due out soon!  These magazines are so hot that they disappear off the racks very quickly, so keep your eyes peeled.  I will try to post when they are out.

If you are in need of makeup or want to stock up at awesome prices, NOW is the time.  In the past, the 75% off products run out the first week of the year.  So, hurry!  

Happy Savings!!!

Happy New Year 2013! - To New Beginnings

For the past few days, like so many of you, I have been thinking about what my goals for 2013 will be.  As the years move on, health is always at the top of my list.  And, I am always pondering what I can do to improve my health.....I am not getting any younger, so I have to work harder at it as each year quickly passes by!  

I do not like to make a list of new year's resolutions, as I do try to practice living in the moment, day-by-day, in the present......you know, all the things that the master philosophers preach.  It does work, by the way!  I tread lightly through the negatives and savor the positives.....waking up to each morning as a fresh new start.

While listing specific goals for the year can be encouraging for some, for me it sets up failure and disappointment.  Neither of which I like.  So, I looked to my favorite bloggers for inspiration.  And, in my search, lo and behold, I found the PERFECT words to add to my new year's resolutions.  No long list.  Just two words.  And, these two words sum it all up for me.....words to live by, so to speak!  

These two bloggers have eloquently expressed my very thoughts for this coming year. Please take a few moments to read their blogs.  They are both inspiring and thought-provoking.

One word, one goal, many paths by Dan Garner of Zen Presence - A New Voice

Rejoice! {One Word 2013} by Kayse Pratt.  If you sign up for Kayse's newsletter, you will receive a copy of her first eBook Getting it Together.  It includes printables and great ideas to help you get more organized in 2013.  

So, my two words for this year are AWAKEN and REJOICE.  I will incorporate these two words into my everyday living in 2013.  

I pray for many blessings in the coming year to all my readers.