Monday, April 11, 2011

Our Yard Sale Score!!

One of the things hubby and I enjoy on weekends is scouring yard sales!  We get such a thrill when we find a really sweet deal.  Here where we live, yard sales abound!  So, there's an excellent opportunity that almost every weekend we will score!

A couple of weekends ago, we stopped at a yard sale late in the afternoon.  Usually, the best deals are well picked over by then.  However, this particular day, we hit the sale just right.  Apparently, they had brought more items out later in the day.  While rummaging around picking through boxes, I came upon a box FULL of DVDs.  She was asking $2 each or 3/$5.  I was so excited.  Most of the DVDs were "chick flicks" which are favorites with my 22-year old daughter.  There were some very popular titles, but I suspected my daughter already had many of them.  Luckily, I was able to get her on the phone.  Together, all 3 of us went through the box title by title.  We ended up picking out 16 DVDs which we did not already have.  I asked the homeowner if I could have all 16 DVDs for $20.  WE SCORED!!!

I have to mention, I hardly ever buy DVDs/movies, because we always have a code either for Redbox or Blockbuster to rent FREE movies.  However, these are movies that my daughter will watch a million times overSo, they were well worth the price.

Here's our newest collection of DVDs.  We just finished watching "Serendipity".  If you are a hopeless romantic, this movie is for you!!  Oh, and I thought "The Bachelor" was really cute, too! :o)

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  1. Great deal, my wife and daughter would watch all those "chick flicks" too !