Wednesday, March 21, 2012


While visiting Walgreens, always check out their clearance section.  It is usually located at the back of the store on an end cap.  Sometimes, there are several end caps! (There were 2 today cram-packed with goodies!)  Also, as you stroll through the aisles picking up all your great sale/coupon deals, keep an eye out for the bright orange clearance tags throughout the store.  There's lots of terrific clearance bargains to take advantage of in every section of the store ~ don't miss out!  

Tonight, I strolled to the back of my neighborhood Walgreens and found their name brand Maxi pads, packages of 24, for $1.49 (marked on clearance).  Pretty good deal, I thought.  So, I happily went on my merry way to the cash register....only to be further surprised at my great find.  The pads rang up B1G1 (Buy-One-Get-One) 50% Off!  So, my second one was only $.74!  Really a great deal!  This happens more times than not when you find a good deal on a clearance item at Walgreens.  Many times you will find it further reduced when you get to checkout. 

This is one good scenario where clipped coupons come in handy.  While many of us keep our coupons as whole inserts and file by date, there is justification to clipping some of your coupons and keeping them in a binder, so they are easily accessible when you do find a great clearance item.  Just think, if you have a coupon for the clearance item, too, you are going to happy-dance your way to the counter with a big smile on your face!  It's contagious, you know!  Finding a great deal, on clearance, and with a coupon in hand....WOW!  What could be better than that? And, are you ready for this?  Every once in awhile....ching, ching, ching.......a RR (Register Reward ~ used like cash on your next transaction) will print out at the end of your transaction!!  Can you say MONEYMAKER?  Yes!  It's true.  Surprises are always so much fun!  You just never know what you will end up spending or how much change you will be putting in your pocket when you go rummaging through the clearance section!  So, always keep those coupons handy.  Never leave home without them.....only leave the American Express card at home!

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