Friday, March 23, 2012

My Grocery Haul From 0.99 Only Store Today 03/23

This afternoon, hubby and I took a trip to the $0.99 Only Store for mostly produce.  I was so excited when I hit the fresh produce department.  There in front of me was the largest array of fruits and veggies that I have ever seen there.  It has to be the most well-hidden secret....because many people have NO idea that they carry so much produce.  The best part is that nothing is over $0.99!!  Much of it is packaged in clear plastic bags, but it is all very fresh and so nice looking.  I was able to get some veggies that are quite expensive in the regular grocery stores....such as eggplant, asparagus, and fresh ginger!  I found a package of flaxseeds!  Yes, an item that is in the health food stores and some natural food departments in the grocery stores.  You will never find it anywhere close to $0.99!!  What a steal!  I also found canned chopped clams....looking forward to clams & pasta sometime soon!

Most products in the food section are name brand, such as Dole, DelMonte, Seneca, Chicken of the Sea, Quaker, etc.  There are off-brands, as well.  But, I have never bought anything in the store that wasn't top-quality.  It is amazing, considering I am only paying $0.99.  Again, a very well-kept secret!  Shhhhhhh!  Oh, and did I mention that there is a LARGE selection and LARGE quantity of everything!  I LOVE THIS STORE!!  

(Notice my little fur-helper Spoofey!)

You never know what they are going to have in stock, so I like to stop there first before hitting the other grocery stores.  I am usually able to cross off a large bulk of my produce items listed on my grocery list.  I go there first knowing that they will have most of what I need without having to jeopardize cost or quality.  

If you live close to a $0.99 Only Store, check it out!  No, they are not paying me to write this post.  I wish they were (as much as I brag about them.)  However, I am always happy to pass on a great deal to my readers.  

Items we bought today (Total OOP $34.04):

(2) Stalks of Asparagus
Iceberg Lettuce
(3) Pkgs. Dole-Classic Romaine 
2 lbs.of Bananas
(6) Pears
(2) Containers of Grape Tomatoes
Large Eggplant
(2) Pkgs. of Fresh Broccoli & Carrots
Pkg. of Cole Slaw (Shredded Carrots & Cabbage)
Pkg. of Fresh Sliced Onions & Bell Peppers
(2) Cucumbers
Fresh Chinese Ginger
Pkg of Flaxseeds
6-Pack of Raisins
Large Russet Potato (for hubby...I don't eat white potatoes)
(2) 8-Pack Boxes of Quaker Granola Bars
(2) Bottles of Gatorade (for hubby)
(2) Bottles of Diet Snapple ~ Raspberry Tea
(2) Cans of Sweet Peas
(2) Cans of Whole Beets
(2) Cans of French Style Green Beans
(2) Cans of Chopped Clams
(2) Cans of Early California Pitted Olives
(1) Can DelMonte Spaghetti Sauce (for hubby)

An awesome trip for healthy foods without coupons...and it didn't break the bank!  

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