Monday, March 19, 2012


Have you noticed lately that the internet is raving full of blogs, articles, posts, twitters and websites all about extreme couponing and how to find the next FREE deal?  Saving money at the grocery stores and drug stores has become a necessity for many and has probably become the biggest growing trend of the decade.  And because of that, manufacturers and individual stores are producing coupons, not only in your Sunday paper inserts, but online and electronically, as well!  Your major chain drug stores all have special programs to help you save, too.  Many times, you can combine the store's sale price with their rewards program, plus add a store coupon & a manufacturer coupon, and walk away with a cart full of FREE merchandise!  

So, where do you find all these internet coupons??  There's a website called COUPON LYNX which is the best source on the internet for finding printable coupons and special bargains.  This site is updated daily and will keep you abreast of not only printables, but also electronic coupons such as Cellfire that can be loaded directly to your phone.  Before you plan any shopping trip, always stop by to see if there are coupons you can use.  Also, once you have become an extreme couponer, you will know how important it is for you to check the site on a daily basis, as some printables will run out of stock (especially the high dollar coupons and those coupons that are rare).  If you see coupons for items you know you will use, always print them out at the time you see them.  It is always best to be prepared!  You never know when you might find an unadvertised special for a product you frequently buy.  Printing them out as soon as they are published will always ensure that you are ready for the best savings on commonly purchased items. It will also afford you the opportunity to try a product that you do not normally buy!

If couponing is new to you, grab a cup of coffee or hot tea and stop by to read COUPONING 101 written by Eva McHenry of COUPON LYNX.  Then proceed to browse around, checking out EVERY page. It's the best place online to find all coupons and savings deals on the internet.  Never leave home without visiting COUPON LYNX.  

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